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Hello and welcome to my new blog.  I have decided to pack my bags and move from to In the next few days, I’ll be figuring out how to move all of my blogger content onto this blog, and making it look more personable.

In the meantime, feel free to check me out at:




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>Chris Ameruoso Photoshoot

>12.6.08 Photoshoot day with Christopher Ameruoso. I had an amazing experience at the photoshoot with Chris. Chris and his stuff were super nice. His makeup artist, Hilda spend an hour doing my hair and makeup and stayed thoughout the photoshoot and continusully “fixed” me up. Lindsey, Chris’s girlfriend was a lot of fun to hang with on the set and Chris himself was a very cool guy. He gave me his autographed book, bought few different treats for Misiu and had breakfast for us on the day of the shoot. Below are some many photos he took.

Even Rob got in for a few photos

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>Election Day

>11.4.08 I’m proud to say that I voted for the president of United States. This was extremely exciting for me because I’ve been granted my right to vote as I became a US citizen in May 06.



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>Blog Under Construction


Cozumel, Mexico January 2008 Me and The Mariachi Band


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>Wings, Patron, Wii

>10.25.08 Kris and Courtney’s Housewarming Party. We celebrated with lots of food, shots and Mario Wii game. I usually don’t drink straight up vodka shots or play video games, but peer pressure took over me on Saturday night and I didn’t miss a round of shots. It was my first time playing a Wii game and I must admit I was terrible at it. Maybe next time will be better.

Courtney and Violet play against each other in a Mario Kart Wii

Violet is loosing…

My turn to play against Wii champ, of course I lost…

Evil Courtney beating Rob in the game

It’s safe to say I lost that game too…

To a new condo and the upcoming wedding with Patron Cafe

I love getting everybody together for a group shot 🙂

How many Polaks can fit onto one couch?

Another round of shots, its Polish vodka this time

I don’t have to beg these two to make silly faces


Twins: Even with Viola pregnant we fit in one chair 😉

Mama & Tata Szumilas

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>Anytime: Hangin with Marzena


October 4. Hanging out with Marzena on warm Saturday day in New Haven. We had lunch at Scoozy’s and walked around in downtown New Haven stopping by the ancient Anchor Bar for some drinks.

At the Anchor Bar

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>Doggie Bag


On the streets on New Haven with Misiu


>Party Time

>September 20. Party at the Szumilas household. And when there’s a party there is lots of food, drinks and of course singing. Rob’s family is very musical, I guess that’s where Rob gets his singing talent. Rob’s dad entertains by playing guitar and singing old fashioned Polish songs.

Looking down on the dinnig room
Singing Polish songs…
Rob’s dad and aunt, Vicky sing a song together…
Rob’s aunt Krysia has her own verion of the song
Aunt Bozena also sings along with Rob’s dad
Rob’s mom, Anunt Vicky, Aunt Bozena
Rob and his “Mexican” looking uncle Andrzej
I sit down for a picture with Rob
Courtney and Kris cuddling on the couch
Violet and Nick relaxing after some dinner

Milo taking a “cat nap”

Kissing Milo, but where is his head?
Courtney and Kris with Milo and Misiu (right)

Kris and Courtney “cooking” dinner
Baking is not Kris’s strongest point, he is great at grilling
Giving Milo a bath in a kitchen sink
“Dinneri’s served”

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>Bridesmaid Dress Shopping


8.21.08 Today Courtney picked us up and we went to David’s Bridal to try on some bridesmaid’s dresses. The great thing is that each bridesmaid can have a different dress style, as long as they are the same color, Blue. Rachel, Courtney’s best friend, Violet and I had a great time trying on all the dresses and taking pictures. Kelly, Courtney’s sister who is also in the wedding party was not present. So after some hour and a half of dress shopping, I think we finally picked our favorites.
So many dress choices…

Rachel (left) and Violet (right) have their dresses picked out alreadyAnd I’m still searching for the right one
After 10 different dresses, here’s the winner

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>Anytime: Mowing the Lawn

>7.25.08 Relaxing at parents’ house. But dad is a busy bee. After 12 hours of work he still comes home and looks for things to do around the house. First he cuts the grass and then he paints the hallway. A great opportunity for me to take some shots of everyday life.

Raspberries in parents’ backyard
I don’t know what kind of flowers are those but they resamble deflated pumkins
Violet with mom’s baking creation
That’s me and Misiu on parents’ deck You’ve got mail!

Dad loves to mown the lawn
Viola wants to try too
The sky looks like a cloud of smoke

Now time for some painting

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