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>Dinner at Hathorne Inn



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>Peppers n’ snake

>Having woken up at 5:45 a.m. this morning and bored out of my mind, I had an urge to photograph something. Something pretty. I looked around the room, when a shiny object caught my eye. I was still wearing it on my finger. The snake ring was a gift from my sister purchased in Amsterdam, Holland.

And the peppers? They were pretty too.

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>Nuts for Nuts…Cont’d.

>My hazelnut craze continues…


>Nuts for nuts

>My latest addiction: Hazelnuts. You know it’s a serious matter, when you get a sudden urge to eat something and you’ll do anything to get it.

Working on a computer last night, I got an out of the blue craving for hazelnuts. Don’t ask me why and where it came from. I don’t know myself. I guess, I’m just weird like that but I’m certainly not pregnant.

I went looking through my kitchen cabinets in hopes of finding an alternate snack since I knew I didn’t have any hazelnuts. I found some almonds and pistachios. But, no, they weren’t cutting it for me. I realized that I wanted hazelnuts and I wanted them now. At 10:30 p.m. at night.

So, I did the only thing an addict would do, I got in my car and headed to a 24-hour CVS. I picked up not one, not two, but three bags of hazelnuts. Driving back home, I tried cracking a nut in between my teeth. But, in fear of becoming toothless, I decided to wait until I got home.

Finally home, I was ready to indulge myself in the nuts. And then I realized – I DON’T EVEN OWN A DAMN NUT CRACKER!

I’ve gotten thus far to give up now. I put a handful of nuts in a zip lock bag, grabbed the meat tenderizer and went out side. At 11:15 p.m. at night. I didn’t want to wake up my sleeping baby, but I think I woke up half the neighborhood as the sound of my chopping echoed throughout the night sky.

At last, I had my hazelnut. Right there, on the sidewalk. At 11:17 p.m. at night.

I don’t know whether that’s an addiction or pure determination. Either way, I’m nuts!

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>Birthday Cake

>These are my Birthday cupcakes by Andy. Yummy!

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>Random Saturday Photos

>Here are some pictures that wouldn’t normally make it to the blog, but I decided to post anyway.

Saturday lunch at Ichiro, West Hartford Center

Roses at Elizabeth Rose Garden Park, West Hartford

Rose Garden is a very popular place for wedding photography

Another wedding party at Elizabeth Park

It is also a great spot for an afternoon jog

Or an afternoon picnic…

And who needs a beach, when you can get the same sun in the middle of a lawn

Saturday afternoon snack 😉

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>Hello, my name is Monika … and I’m a chocoholic. I began eating chocolate at an early age. But it has gotten out of control in the last two weeks. I drive to work in the morning with chocolate bar in my hand. I have chocolate after every lunch and dinner. I dream about chocolate … OK, so maybe it’s just another one of those pregnancy cravings that I’ve been having. I am also a recovered pickleholic. I still have unopened jars of pickles in my fridge that I don’t even want to look at right now. Hopefully that’s how I will feel about chocolate in a few weeks. But for now, I make sure I always have a supply of chocolate for those sudden cravings.

I catch myself starring at this picture and licking my lips. Is it just me?

This is how my desk looks like lately. It is my third bag of Hershey’s Miniatures this week … How many more will there be?


>Cafe Polonia


Darek Barcikowski is the publisher of the largest Polish newspaper published in North America, White Eagle. It’s a paper where Rob advertises his mortgage and insurance services in. Darek’s family also own the only Polish restaurant in Boston area, Cafe Polonia. Since Darek was in town for the weekend, he invited Rob and I for lunch at the restaurant. Sunday, we made a day trip to Boston with Kris and Courtney. We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the house at Cafe Polonia and later walked around Quincy Market.

Darek, Rob & Kris at Cafe Polonia

Courtney and I picked up some Polish pottery from the shelf behind us to pose for the picture Goat Cheese Salad

Kielbasa Shish Kabob
If you’re ever in the Boston area, you have to stop by Cafe Polonia and try the Gypsy Pancake. It’s my personal favorite! It’s a giant potato pancake filled with Hungarian goulash. Simply mouth-watering! Rated #1 most filling meal in Boston by Stuff@Night

Outside the restaurant Enjoying beer at McCormick & Schmick’s Street performers entertaining the crowds Juggling over the kid’s head

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>Easter Food


To have been born in a wonderful, loving Polish family, is a blessing! Mine is a loving, caring family that serves great food. I look forward to holiday celebrations at my parents’ home. The house is always immaculate clean and the aroma of food hits you on your way in. This year’s Easter was celebrated with typical Polish traditions, early morning church mass followed by Easter breakfast and dinner. Here are a few pictures of some of the dishes served at our house on Easter Sunday.
Viewer Discretion is Advised! The following photographs contain delicious subject matter and are suitable for viewing after food consumption only. If you have not yet eaten today or have a weakness for food (like me) please don’t continue. You have been warned.

Vegetable -Potato salad is a very popular polish salad prepared from common farm vegetables all diced into small squares

Cold cut plate

Eggs in horseradish sauce
Home made chicken pate

Deviled eggs
Baked Polish white sausage – a must at Easter breakfast
Easter Pasha – sweet cheese desert

Swieconka (Blessing Basket)- salt, hard-boiled eggs, horseradish, bread, cake, kielbasa, sugar lamb.
On Saturday, all these items are taken in a basket to the church for the priest to bless.
Easter breakfast begins with the sharing of the blessed foods, accompanied by an exchange of greetings of good health and happiness.
Mom setting the table
Easter table

Easter dinner consisted of a completely different food menu
Baked ham

Golabki – stuffed cabbage

Rolled pork chops with mushrooms

Following dinner came the pastries and sweets
Easter Cake “President” from Rolly Polly Bakery (Bernadette, it’s your favorite)
Polish pastries

There is always much leftover food from the Easter meal. However, this is easily taken care of the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…


>Sweet Nothings

>Whenever I go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, there is no limit to how much I spend and what I buy. I pick up everything that looks good and lately everything that’s sweet looks good. Especially when I’m at Stew Leonard’s that is known for creating a fun shopping experience. And a fun shopping experience I had. I checked out with a cart full of Apple Cider donuts, sweet potato chips, cherry pie, Pillsbury cookie dough. Oh, and as always I bought a vanilla ice cream cone on the way out. Later when I got home, I had sandwich bread and nothing to put on it. It was no surprise, Rob and I were rocking bunny shaped sugar cookies for supper last night.