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>Bella: 21 months

>Same child, same swing … One year later; 10 pounds heavier, 10 inches taller.


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>Isabella Birthday Shoot

>At one year old, Isabella is already showing a strong intrest in music.  She starts “singing” and “dancing” whenever she hears the music play.  So when deciding on a location for her first birthday shoot, the stage was an obvious choice.  Isabella felt quite “at home” on stage at the amphitheater in Walnut Hill Park in New Britain.


>Last Day of Babyhood


Savoring the last day of Isabella’s babyhood. As she turns one years old tomorrow, and entering the toddlerhood, it’s a bittersweet transition for me.  Sweet because she is growing up, getting smarter and cuter. Bitter because, well, she is growing up. I’ll miss my little baby even as I delight in my amazing child.
Catching some baby Zzzz’s.

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>Oliver: 15 months

>Oliver is 16.5 months old now but I found this “gem” while searching through my photo archives and it was too good to keep it hidden.

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>Because a woman can never have too much…

>… of shoes.

Isabella just started to walk couple weeks ago, but her closet is filled with shoes.

The only thing she wears out faster than shoes is ME!

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>Isabella: 10 months, 3 weeks

>My favorite time to photograph Isabella is freshly after her nap.  Even though it takes her a couple minutes to warm up to the camera.

Isabella has “good” reasons for lamenting: she just woke up from a long nap, she has a full diaper and mommy won’t stop taking pictures of her. 
Life just doesn’t get any worse than that.
But I learned to recognize those “attention cries.”  She abruptly stops crying after she realizes she’s being ignored.

Looking puzzled as to why I’m not running to her “rescue”.
Few minutes into the photo shoot, Isabella gets into it, smiling, posing and all.


>Spring Shredding


As part of my Spring Cleaning this year, I shredded a whole bunch of documents. Some three years worth of documents like bank statements, bills, receipts, credit cards, and other information-sensitive stuff. It took me an hour and a half to generate four huge bags of finely shredded paper. But don’t get me wrong, I was having fun doing it. Watching the machine hungrily whirring at the thickest of the paper, I drifted away into my own world of crazy ideas. Like, wouldn’t it be amusing to take that entire shredded paper and burry the baby in it for a picture?!

But, sometimes my crazy ideas should stay right where they start – in my head!

Or, NOT!

Isabella wanted nothing to do with my crazy idea. So, I only took a couple pictures before she completely went berserk.
Misiu, on the other hand is already used to my wacky ideas and just goes with the flow.
Former Enron employee looking for a new job.

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>Isabella a.k.a. Rugrat

>Isabella is 9 months old and she is CRAWLING. Actually, she’s been crawling since she was 8 months, except now she is a hundred times faster. She’s quite the trouble maker, capable of absolutely anything.  Yesterday she figured out how to flush the toilet and snacked on Misiu’s dry food.  So, I figured it’s time to baby proof the house. I bought outlet covers, cabinet locks, refrigerator and oven locks.  And for double security, a baby cage. The best invention ever.

Can you see it? She has little horns growing.
New toys provide about 5 minutes of playtime. Then, it’s back to chewing on TV remote controls.
“You talkin’ to me?”

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>Isabella: 8 months


It seems like everyday she wakes up bigger, cuter and capable of something new.  In the last few days, Isabella has been more aware of her hands and examining them closely.  At exactly 8 months old, she finally put them together in a clapping motion.  The hand clapping is usually accompanied by sticking out her tongue and giggles.


>Birthday Cut


I feel like Oliver needs a briefcase and help with his resume.  On Saturday, he went from looking like a baby to a very small adult.  As Oliver turned 1 years old, he got his first haircut at a kid-friendly salon, Scissor Kids.  I accompanied Viola and Oliver to document this important event.
Before the cut.
To Oliver, being wrapped in a plastic cape, squirted with water, and attacked with sharp scissors by a stranger was just plain scary.
Soap bubbles work like a charm and distract Oliver from the scissors.
Oliver quickly forgets all about the haircut.
And he lets Besty, the hairdresser do her job.
After: He looks even more adorable than before with his Anderson Cooper haircut.
Below pictured with Viola.
Ready for his first interview.

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