>Lazy pierogi

>I was craving cheese pierogi tonight but was also disinterested in spending hours in the kitchen inhaling flour.  Polish meal known as the “lazy pierogi” came to mind and it seemed like the perfect alternative to the real thing.   So I called mom and got the recipe because of course she has them all memorized in her head. 
And I made the lazy cheese pierogi. (Which by the way, is often misspelled as “pierogies” because pierogi is already plural!) And though they were considerably less time consuming to make, I would not call them lazy. The good thing is that this dish captures the flavor of pierogi, and yet it takes about an hour to prepare.  But if you’re feeling really lazy and have to eat some pierogi, your best option is to just go out and buy some.

My “lazy pierogi” served with vanilla yogurt and raspberries.

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