Noisy rattles? Squeaky ducks? Bella would look at them for a second, only to drop it on the floor in animosity. So when nothing worked to calm down my toddler’s tantrums, my cell phone always came to the rescue.  When she was a baby, she found comfort in chewing on the rubber case, later punching in the 4-digit pass code so many times until she locked me out of my own phone and now at 20-months, she operates my iPhone like a pro. Last month I showed her a cool baby app and she has demanded access to my phone ever since.  
“Ce-ce-mone!” she exclaims, signing the word for please.  
She has learned how to send a kl;klj9erqe9re]]] message to my contacts, dial numbers, flip through the app pages, take blurry photos, and mess up my alarm settings. But what amazes me the most is how she navigates the phone to find her baby games and knows exactly how to play them.  I’m stunned at the intelligence that my child has at such young age. She is still in diapers, for crying out loud! It makes me wonder what she will be capable of in the next few months. At this rate, she will probably demand her own smart phone for her second birthday.
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