>Dozynki Celebrates 30 Years

>Dozynki, also known as Polish Harvest Festival celebrated its 30th year over the weekend.  Speaking with one of the members of the Festival Committee, I learned that it’s actually its 29th year since it was started in 1980.  One year, the festival was skipped.  At the annual Dożynki Harvest Festival, visitors can find yellow and brown amber jewelry from the Baltic Sea, big selection of Polska-branded hats, T-shirts and other souvenirs and of course traditional foods such as smoked kielbasa, pierogi and gołąbki.  And mine favorite, potato pancakes.

Weather on Saturday was gorgeous for the opening of Dozynki Festival and the day brought many Poles and non-Poles alike to the Falcon Field in New Britain.

Live music performance by Rhythm Orchestra.
A couple dancing an old fashioned Polka.
The Dozynki Festival Committee.
Baltyk Restaurant cooking potato pancakes at the festival.
Other food vendors at the festival also served traditional Polish food.
Random 2-year old Polish girl who was very curious about my camera.
Face-painting is always common amongst the children.
Who says you have to be 5 years old to have your face painted?
The Young and the Restless.
The lead singer of The Rhythm Orchestra.
Polska-branded stuff.
Funny quote shot glass. Translating it to English wouldn’t make any sense.
More funny quote shot glasses.
It wouldn’t be a Polka without the piano accordion.
Polish girl making bubbles.
Bella “dancing” to the Polish music heard in the background.
Oliver’s first time at the festival is a good time.
All little kids are fascinated with my camera equipment.  Maybe it’s just me?
As the dusk settles, most people head to the the roofed stage at Falcon Field where the band plays Polish tunes until 9pm.
Zywiec is the official beer of the Dozynki Festival.
The later it gets, the more people get out on the dance floor, the better the band sounds, and the more fun people overall have. I’m sure Zywiec has something to do with it.
Catching a glimpse of myself at a jewelery stand mirror.
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