>CJ Modeling Shoot


Christian is a young boy that loves ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’, ice cream and modeling. He has been professionally modeling for Kids ‘R Us, JC Penny and other catalogs since he was two years old and is quite an experienced little model. Today, I photographed CJ as he turned four years old for his new modeling portfolio.
I’ve never photographed a four-year-old, much less a model. So, I figured, it can’t be that difficult, right? It can’t be more difficult than photographing a baby, I thought. Well, let me tell you, I worked my butt off with CJ like never before. He was a sweet little boy and the camera just loved him but I underestimated the power of this youngster. After about 20 minutes of shooting, CJ lost his interest in posing and all he wanted was to play with his Thomas train. He refused to stand still, got upset with me for calling him CJ, and stuck his tongue out for photos. But with his mom’s help, I managed to squeeze out another 20 minutes of shooting, and CJ even agreed to pose in the cold outside.
At the request of parents, I captured CJ’s playful and sort of in a good way devilish personality.
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